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FullView® cameras have numerous applications, both over the Internet and otherwise. These applications may be divided broadly into two categories: Virtual Presence and Situational Awareness.

Virtual Presence 

In this class of applications, several remote users may simultaneously and independently look around the same scene — with each user free to pan, tilt and zoom in any direction without affecting any other user's ability to do the same.

Paramount in such applications is that each image exhibit the highest resolution and color fidelity, and that the image be seamless in every way to enhance the user's sense of presence. FullView's FC‑1005 was designed with this goal, as was the Microsoft RoundTable under license from FullView.

Alternatives to FullView for Virtual Presence either provide much lower resolution than FullView, or they exhibit artifacts at their seams, neither of which is conducive to virtual presence.

Examples of Virtual Presence include these:



Virtual attendance, e.g., of a concert or a tourist venue over the Internet.



Interactive viewing, e.g., of real estate or video games.



Distance learning, e.g., by individuals over an Intranet or the Internet.



Video conferencing, e.g., between groups over an Intranet or the Internet.



Monitoring, e.g., of child care over the Internet.


Situational Awareness 

In this class of applications, one or more simultaneous users seek a real-time, heightened awareness of a camera's surroundings without any distraction or clutter — to recognize the significance of what is seen, predict what might happen next, and react as quickly as possible.

Paramount in such applications is that the images be real-time and that they provide the highest visibility in every direction — not just the highest resolution in every direction, but also the highest contrast and sensitivity in every direction. FullView's FC‑110 was designed with this goal. Seamlessness in brightness, contrast and color are less important here than in Virtual Presence.

Alternatives to FullView for Situational Awareness either provide much lower resolution, contrast and sensitivity than FullView, or they require mental integration of disparate images, both of which are adverse to quick reaction by the viewer.

Examples of Situational Awareness include these:



Military surveillance, e.g., from atop tanks or submarines.



Civilian surveillance, e.g., from atop police cars or from traffic lights.



Security, e.g., of parking lots, theme parks, borders, banks and prisons.



Robot navigation, e.g., through hostile environments, such as Mars or Chernobyl.



Endoscopy, e.g., for medical diagnosis or surgery.


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