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FullView® cameras provide unrivaled, live, up-to-360° panoramic video. Each FullView camera comprises multiple cameras looking out in different directions off mirrors, rather than directly, which allows FullView to provide artifact-free composite images.

Technology for these cameras was invented in 1995 at Bell Labs Research, the legendary birthplace of numerous innovations and discoveries, such as the transistor, the CCD camera, the C++ programming language and The Sampling Theorem.

FullView® cameras are ideal for Internet use as each of them allows any number of remote users to view the same scene live, fully, simultaneously and independently — with each user free to pan, tilt and zoom in any direction without affecting any other user's ability to do the same independently (see Gallery).


FullView® cameras have found use in defense and videoconferencing:

  • After supporting R&D at FullView for over a decade, the U.S. Navy deployed FullView cameras (such as on left below) on its latest generation of aircraft carriers to monitor and record aircraft landings and takeoffs from below deck.

  • After attempting to use Outwardly Pointing Cameras for video­conferencing over several years, Microsoft eventually gave up and adopted FullView's design in its trail­blazing Microsoft RoundTable (shown on the right below).

FullView's Phase II Camera Photo Microsoft's RoundTable Photo

Each FullView® camera provides panoramic imagery using

multiple cameras looking out not directly — but off mirrors —
as on the left in a FullView® camera for aircraft carriers and on
the right in the Microsoft RoundTable® for videoconferencing.

Potential applications of FullView abound, such as in Google's Street View, which provides prerecorded spherical-view still images from drive-bys. Because Street View uses Outwardly Pointing Cameras exclusively, Street View cannot provide seamless images no matter what: This is elementary.

Google's Street View Camera

Each Google Street View® Camera is a cluster of

Outwardly Pointing Cameras, and no such cluster

can produce seamless panoramas, no matter what.


We aim to provide you unrivaled panoramic imagery of unconstrained scenes: that is, imagery (video or still, live or prerecorded) whose resolution, seamlessness and clarity are without par and unaffected by object depth and motion. Although we no longer offer any off-the-shelf product, we welcome custom projects.


FullView's current and former customers and partners include the following:

FullView's current and former licensees include these:

FullView® cameras and their applications are summarized in this FullView Slideshow.


FullView was founded in 2000 by Vic Nalwa and Bell Labs Research — the former the inventor of the FullView camera, and the latter his incomparably magnanimous employer at the time — with Joe Lazaroff providing legal counsel.

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